Monday, June 19, 2017

Making Peace Over Petty Situations

Everyone experiences a “falling out” with someone they care for at least once in their life.

Sometimes relationships end for legitimate reasons and other times, they end for petty reasons that aren’t even memorable.

2017 has taught me that it is sometimes better to be kind than it is to have pride.

There really is a reward for being the bigger person.

Forgiveness is good for the soul. Holding on to negativity is poisonous and can even lead to health problems.

But letting go of grudges and making amends with people is a wonderfully peaceful experience.

So today I’d like to encourage my followers to make amends with someone that they no longer speak to.

Of course, there are relationships that are better off ending.

Sometimes we love people the best when we love them from afar.

However, if there is a relationship that meant a lot to you… a relationship that ended over something silly; I encourage you to reach out to that person and start anew.

Make someone’s day. Be kind. Be a peacemaker.