Thursday, May 18, 2017

When Your Dreams Intimidate You

When you dream big it’s not rare to find yourself in a place in life where your dreams intimidate you.

It’s easy to find yourself in a place of mind where you begin to doubt your talents and capabilities. You might begin to question yourself and your desire to “change the world”.

You might become skeptical that your dreams can actually come true and begin to expect negative results from your hard work or you’ll avoid making big decisions to save yourself from invisible heartbreak.

Through all the ups and downs in my life, the one thing that has remained constant is that if God wants something to happen for you – it will happen.

No matter how we try to avoid our destiny, God will allow us to come face to face with it so that we can fulfill His purpose for our life.

You can run for as long as you want but at some point you have to turn around, face the music and accept who you were destined to be.

Don’t let fear or intimidation deter you from your calling.

You have God on your side.

That is enough.

That is all you need. 

Image source: (Greg Rakozy)