Monday, May 15, 2017

When God Says No

As children of God, we have the amazing privilege of being able to lay our wants and needs at the throne of God. 

However, sometimes our inquiries are met with a “no”.

When we hear God say no, we might not totally understand why. If we haven’t spiritually matured to the point where we completely trust His plans, we might even question His answer.

Sometimes we try taking matters into our own hands and we end up in situations that we could have avoided had we simply listened to God in the first place.

God is never wrong. He is powerful, omnipotent and almighty.

He knows things that we may never know. He can see far beyond what our human eyes can see. He knows what’s best for us and what isn’t best for us.

So it’s actually beneficial to us when God says no. 

Although our human minds may fixate on what we’re sure is best for us, when we let go and trust God’s say in a matter – magnificent doors open up to us.

Simply being obedient to God can produce results more powerful than any results we might force out of our own doing.

Next time you hear a “no” from God, say thank you.

That "no" is sure to lead you to a million yes’s that were specially designed for you by Him. 

Image source: (Markus Spiske)