Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sunflowers (Poem)

Sunflowers bloom in deteriorating houses
Where there are cracks in the walls
And holes in the ceilings
Where light shines through in the daytime
Sunflowers grow beneath collapsing ceilings
As rain comes pouring through
Cracks in the structure of a home
That once knew better days

Sunflowers stretch and bend under dark skies
And starry nights
When there are no clouds
Only shining beacons of light between vast distances of emptiness

Sunflowers grow though they are trampled on
Barely seen or acknowledged
But they are determined to reach the sky
Daringly defiant and valiantly bold

Sunflowers grow out of deteriorating houses
They stretch, bend and bloom through rainstorms, droughts and hurricanes
They stand firm in deserts and survive barren wastelands
Sunflowers bloom where they are planted

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