Thursday, May 25, 2017

God Will Never Fail You

Everyone gets discourage.

Everyone has moments in their life journey where they sit back and think to themselves, “Am I really making a difference?”.

If our answer to ourselves is, “maybe” or “not really” then we tend to feel like we’re ready to give up – not realizing that we’ll never fully know the impact that we have on the lives around us.

Whether or not we know it, there are so many people that are inspired by our daily walk.

We never know how God is using us, so that feeling of inadequacy or uselessness is not accurate.

Even now God is working behind the scenes on things that we can’t even imagine are possible.

At our worst depictions of ourselves we have no idea just how beautifully God sees us.

At our worst moments we have no idea how God is using us.

If you feel like you aren’t making a difference… if you feel useless… wait on God.

God will use you in ways you never imagined.

He will use you to touch lives you never thought you’d come in contact with.

If you allow God to use you, He will show you why you were born.

He will allow you to fulfill your God given purpose.

Don’t be discouraged.

God is sending your breakthrough soon.


Image source: (Lukas)