Tuesday, April 4, 2017


I fail God daily.

Though I desire to please Him in every aspect of my life, I am still a fallible human being.

I often find myself going over my mistakes in my head. I sit and agonize over how imperfect I am.

I easily forget that it is not my job to be perfect.

It is my job to stay focused on the cross. It is my job to accept God’s perfect and pleasing will in my life.

It’s my job to love and be loved. It’s my job to drown myself in the magnificence of God’s Holy Word.

It’s my job to sing God’s praises morning, noon and night. It’s my job to spread the Gospel. It’s my job to spread the love of Jesus.

It has never been my job to be perfect. God knew when He formed me into existence just how imperfect I would be.

And yet He still loved me. He still sent His Son to die on the cross for my sins.

So that I would have the ability to be perfect – and yet – forgiven. 

Image source: pexels.com