Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How To Dance In The Rain

Some days life can seems so serene and perfect.

And then you wake up and get out of bed… and you face reality.

Life can be so difficult that sometimes smiling seems like an unnecessary struggle.

But there’s something so brave in the act of laughing when you feel like crying… There’s something so revolutionary, so bold in simply saying that you are going to thrive when all you want to do is shrink away into obscurity.

It takes a great deal of willpower to do – but if you allow yourself to let go, take one step forward and dance barefoot in the rain… you’ll find that the clouds above you don’t seem as daunting as they did just a moment ago.

Yes the thunder is scary and menacing.

But if you shut it out and focus only on the sound of God’s steady and powerful voice – you’ll learn to laugh when your heart becomes stricken with fear.

You’ll learn to enjoy the feeling of rain drops falling onto your skin.

Someday, you’ll learn to smile when you look ahead and see rain clouds threatening to interrupt your sunny day.

As you begin to understand that rain does not destroy life, but it enriches it and causes growth, you’ll learn to appreciate every day that you are blessed to experience. Even the cloudy ones.

You’ll begin to appreciate exactly what you have in front of you and you’ll learn, in all things, to be content.

Most importantly, when you learn to simply let go and let God…

You’ll learn how to dance in the rain.