Friday, January 6, 2017

Getting Stuck In An Elevator With Jesus

Today’s blog post is going to sound a little… quirky.

The inspiration for this post came from a Facebook post I was tagged in by one of my friends.

The post said, “You’re stuck in an elevator with the person/character that’s on your phone’s wallpaper. Who is it?”

Now, there’s this picture I fell in love with two years ago. I found it on Pinterest. It’s a depiction of Jesus hugging a woman. It’s supposed to be a visual representation of how God embraces His children.

Every time I get a new phone, I always set that picture as my wallpaper because I find it comforting.

So my answer to the aforementioned question was Jesus. I’d be stuck in an elevator with Jesus.

As I typed up a response to my friend, I began to wonder… what would happen if I really was stuck in an elevator with Jesus?

My first (passive) response was, “Well immediately He would perform a miracle, get us out of the elevator and that would be the end of it”.

But then, a little light bulb went on in my head and I realized that no… There’s a good chance that He wouldn’t immediately fix the situation.

Maybe He’d make me wait. Maybe He’d just talk me through it all until help arrived. Maybe He’d use a situation like that as an opportunity to finally get me to stand still and listen to Him.

It’s so funny that God will use the simplest things to help you understand your situation.

Recently, I’ve started to feel like God isn’t listening to me anymore.

I shout for help and when I get no response, I ask God if He can even hear me.

But what usually happens when you’re having a conversation with someone and there’s a communication issue?

If someone is having a hard time getting you to hear what they’re trying to say, eventually they get tired of shouting and trying to make you listen to them.

So they stop talking. They wait for you to hear their side of the story.

Sometimes God doesn’t fix things for us immediately because there’s something we need to learn from the situation that we’re in. Sometimes, it’s not that He can’t hear us, but we can’t (or won’t) hear Him pleading for us to be still and understand that He is God.

Sometimes it takes getting stuck in an elevator with Jesus for us to realize that the best way to get through our problems is to sit back, listen to God and let Him give us the help that we need – on His own time.