Wednesday, January 18, 2017

As A Black Woman

As a black woman, I understand that I carry my ancestors with me where ever I go.

I understand that there will be many moments in my life where I will be the only representative of my race in a room.

Because of this I vow to always bring the best of my blackness with me whenever I step into a room.

I will love and adore the tint of my skin and the kinks in my hair even when the world advises me not to.

I will celebrate black history month every day of my life.

As a black woman, I will support and cherish my fellow black women and, perhaps someday, I will raise strong black women of my own.

I will wake up every morning thanking God for the skin He put me in.

Because if I had a choice, I’d always choose to remain living my life as a black woman.